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A cover of David's (new & still unreleased!) song "Not a Very Good Liar" on keyboard and flute. Listen through headphones for stereo goodness! :)

Thank you @jwipe for the idea of doing a NAVGL cover.
Thank you and for posting my covers to your websites.


Also, before you ask, here are the lyrics (based on a version from Archuleta Fan Scene) and chords I transcribed.
You can tell me everything is perfect
Pretend splitting up with him felt right
No sign of reminiscing
Somehow you're not convincing
Why even try to hide it inside?

You say you're over him, tell me that you're fine
You know it doesn't work
Even when you smile, I don't believe you
You're not a very good liar

Said it doesn't hurt, that you never cry
You can tell yourself, go ahead deny
You know it's not true
You're not a very good liar

Oh, oh, oh, oooh
Oh, oh, oh, oooh
Oh, oh, oh, oooh
Not a very good liar

Inside you're falling apart but you keep it together
Telltale signs, does he keep you crying all night?
It's for the best, it keeps folks saying
Cause something better is out there waiting
But eyes don't lie, and I see it every time

Section B

Maybe it hurts too much to talk about
But you don't say nothing at all, no
But if you ever need someone to talk to
Then you know who to call

2 Bars Breakdown

Section B (repeats)

F/ C/ Am/ G/ x3
F/// Gsus4/ G/

F/ C/ G/ Am/ x4
F/ C/ G/ Am/ x2 (I could have written x6 but this shows a structural separation)

Bb/// F///
Am/// G///
Bb/// F///
Gsus4/// G///

Breakdown: F/ C/ G/ Am/ x2

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